Task: Adjust Iteration Scope
  • To allow the customer to react to the team underestimating or over estimating the amount of work that can be accomplished in the current iteration.
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  • None
Gather the Information

The team is responsible for keeping track of its project. Tasks that are completed are marked on the iteration plan. If anyone on the team realizes that the team is behind schedule, at any time, the customer is informed as soon as possible. The customer can then decide how to change the plan. The tracker may be the first to notice that the iteration is in jeopardy. An XP team is considered behind schedule if half the work is not finished halfway through the iteration. Ideally, this could be measured by observing that half the customer tests pass halfway through the iteration.

Update the Plan

When it is likely that not all the stories in the release will be finished, the customer must reduce scope. Extending the iteration is not an option. The customer either removes whole stories or splits stories and removes scope.

When the team has excess capacity in the iteration, the customer is informed. The customer adds additional stories to fill the iteration . Customers like it when this happens.

Communicate the Plan

The whole team should be made aware of any changes in the iteration plan so they can focus on the right tasks.

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