Task: Resolve Conflicts
  • Prevent disagreements from reducing the team's productivity.
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Main Description

Software projects require the coordinated efforts of many people. The XP Practices leverage the ability of teams to collaborate and communicate about decisions and activities on the project. Because team members are working together in an Open Workspace, interpersonal conflicts are visible, not hidden by the separation of the cubicles. One byproduct of increased collaboration, communication, and feedback will be increased conflict. Unmanaged, this conflict may increase the risk to the project. XP, as a process, does not try to solve all of the problems that occur on a software project, it just enables the people to solve them.

The XP Coach must make sure these conflicts are managed. The coach must help the team develop an environment of openness, where conflicts can be discussed and resolved. Conflicts left unresolved, like defects left undetected, are usually more disruptive and ultimately costly to fix. At times, the coach will take ownership to resolve a conflict on the team or across teams, but over time, the coach must ensure that the team is capable of resolving most conflicts on their own.