Role: XP Tester
The XP Tester role helps the customer define and write acceptance tests for user stories.
Role Sets: XP Roles

Automate Customer TestRun Customer TestSetup Tester EnvironmentXP_Tester

Main Description

The primary responsibility of the XP Tester is to help the customer define and implement acceptance tests for user stories. The XP Tester is also responsible for running the tests frequently and posting the results for the whole team to see. As the number of tests grow, the XP Tester will likely need to create and maintain some kind of tool to make it easier to define them, run them, and gather the results quickly.


Whereas knowledge of the applications target domain is provided by the customer, the XP Tester needs to support the customer by providing:

  • Knowledge of typical software failure conditions and the test techniques that can be employed to uncover those errors.
  • Knowledge of different techniques to implement and run tests, including understanding of and experience with test automation.