Artifact: Potentially Shippable Product Incremement
The outcome of every sprint is a potentially shippable product increment.
Work Product Kinds: Scrum Work Products
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Main Description

Scrum requires that each sprint deliver a potentially shippable product increment.  The increment must consist of thoroughly tested code that has been built into an executable, and the user operation of the functionality is documented either in Help files or user documentation.

Key Considerations

There is much debate about the difference between "potentially shippable (done)" and "shippable".

Mike Cohn states:

.. "potentially shippable" and "shippable" are not the same thing. Some large or complex projects will require the use of "release sprint" or "hardening sprint" at the end of a release cycle (say 6 two-week sprints then a 2-week release sprint). The release sprint is not a dumping ground for sloppy work; rather it is a place where some hardening of the system can occur.

One thing is clear Scrum teams need to agree on their definition of "potentially shippable" and "shippable" and to come to a shared understanding with the Product Owner.