Artefacto: Risk List
This artifact is a sorted list of known and open risks to the project, sorted in order of importance and associated with specific mitigation or contingency actions.
Dominio: Project Management
Clases de producto de trabajo: Project Data
To capture the perceived risks to the success of the project.
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Descripción principalThis list identifies, in decreasing order of priority, the events that could lead to a significant negative outcome. It serves as a focal point for project activities and is the basis around which iterations are organized.
Factores clave

This list should capture the critical and serious risks. If you find this list extending beyond 20, carefully consider whether they are really serious risks. Tracking more than 20 risks is an onerous task.

Opciones de representación

Option: list of risks captured in the project plan

In this approach you put the overall risk list in the project plan. The iteration plan will contain only the tasks you will be doing during the iteration to mitigate the risks. This will ensure that the iteration plan contains only iteration information. The project plan has to be revisited constantly as you update risks.

Option: list of risks captured in the iteration plan

In this approach you enter the overall risk list in the current iteration plan. This approach ensures that you look at the risk list at each iteration, as it is part of your iteration plan. The only drawback is that your iteration plan will contain information that is not relevant to the current iteration. All the risks you have not mitigated during the iteration have to be transferred to the next iteration plan.

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