Tarea: Implement Tests
Implement one or more test artifacts to enable the validation of the software product through actually running the system. Combine tests to facilitate appropriate breadth and depth of test coverage.
Disciplinas: Test

To implement one or more tests that can be executed to validate a system.

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Select appropriate implementation technique

Select one or several of the following test implementation techniques:

  • manual test scripts
  • programmed test scripts
  • recorded test scripts
Implement the test

Using your test-ideas list and test cases as inputs, set up your specifications, spreadsheet, or automated tool to record scripts needed to conduct the test. If you are recording explicit steps for your test, navigate through the system under test identifying steps, groups of related steps, verification points, and control points.

Establish external data sets
Create containers for your test data sets. Separate the production data from generated data. Associate your data sets with a given build of the system under test. If data sets are associated with a particular part of the system under test, mark them accordingly.
Verify Test implementation

Run the test script to verify that it implements the tests correctly. For manual testing, conduct a walkthrough of the test script. For automated tests, verify that the test implementation will involve some degree of the configuration of the testing tool.

Organize tests into test suites

Collect tests into related groups. The grouping you use depends on your test environment. For example, you can organize test cases, test scripts, and test data hierarchically to facilitate navigation within a test, as well as within the suite. Another form of test suite organization is based on system functionality and uses the quality attributes of usability, reliability, and performance as categories for groups. You may choose to follow an iteration-based test suite organization, instead. Since the system under test is undergoing its own evolution, create your test suites to facilitate regression testing, as well as system configuration identification.

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