Tarea: Find and Outline Requirements
This task describes how to capture the requirements for the system.
Disciplinas: Requirements
The purpose of this task is to understand Stakeholder requirements and communicate these to the development team.
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Gather information

Be prepared by gathering and reviewing information related to the problem domain, problem statement, business environment and key stakeholders.  Most of this information should be available in the Artefacto: Vision.  You can use various techniques to make gathering requirements easier. Face-to-face meetings with stakeholders is the most effective way to understand stakeholder needs and to gather and validate requirements, but you must prepare in order for these meetings to run efficiently. See Directriz: Requirements Gathering Techniques for more information. 

Identify and capture domain terms
Work closely with stakeholder to make sure that ambiguous or domain-specific terms are clearly defined in the Glossary and that you use these terms consistently.
Capture requirements
Identify the types of requirements relevant to your system (see Concepto: Requirements).

Work with stakeholders to identify and capture the actors and Use Cases. See Directriz: Find and Outline Actors and Use Cases for more information.

Work with stakeholders to identify and capture the other types of requirements relevant to your system. See Directriz: Supporting Requirements for more information.

Capture Use Case and Actors in a Use-Case Model

While capturing requirements, it may be useful to identify and capture the Use Cases and Actors in a Use-Case Model. That can help people better understand the proposed system functionality and its surroundings. See Directriz: Find and Outline Actors and Use Cases for more details.

Achieve concurrence
Conduct a review of the requirements with relevant Stakeholders and the development team to ensure consistency with the Vision, assess quality, and identify any required changes. See  Directriz: Effective Requirement Reviews for more information.
Update the Work Items List
Capture references to the requirements in the Artefacto: Work Items List, so that you can prioritize the work.
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Close collaboration with stakeholders on this task is critical for the success of project.
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