Role: Technical Writer
A Technical Writer often helps a development team member complete the documentation needed for the Product Owner, End Users, and support personnel to understand and to be able to use the delivered features.
Main Description

Some organizations might engage a Technical Writer to help a development team member review and refine the documentation that is produced by the team during a Sprint/Iteration in support of delivered features.

Because they often are skilled at creating and maintaining technical documentation, Technical Writers help to ensure consistency and conformance to corporate standards.

Multiple Occurrences

A Technical Writer should possess the following skills:

  • Excellent technical writing ability
  • Ability to understand complex technical concepts and to translate them into user-friendly procedures
  • Ability to create concise Help Files that are delivered as part of the application
  • Ability to obtain technical details from Developers, Testers, and Product Owners and to document those details in a way that is easily understood by End Users and support personnel
  • Ability to adhere to corporate documentation standards. If those standards don't already exist, this role should be able to write those standards and communicate them to the development team
  • A strong understand of the domain in which the features are being developed