Artifact: Project Plan
This artifact gathers all of the information required to manage the project on a strategic level. Its main part consists of a coarse-grained plan, identifying project iterations and their goals.
Domains: Project Management

The purpose of this artifact is to provide a central document where any project team member can find the information on how the project will be conducted. 

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Main Description

This artifact describes how the project is organized, and identifies what practices will be followed. Additionally, it defines the parameters for tracking project progress, and specifies the high-level objectives of the iterations and their milestones.

The project plan allows stakeholders and other team members to understand the big picture and, roughly, when to expect a certain level of functionality be available. Update the plan as often as necessary, usually at the end of each iteration, in order to reflect changing priorities and needs, as well as record the lessons learned from the project.

Key Considerations
Create and update the project plan in planning sessions that involve the whole team and appropriate project stakeholders in order to make sure that everybody agrees with it.
Impact of not havingWithout this artifact, there can be a lack of clear boundaries of the project scope that can lead to:
  • Risks of gaps or overlap between the roles acting on the project
  • Poorly defined or inadequate plan for the project
  • Subsequent difficulties in controlling the project
Reasons for not needingThis artifact is typically required in some form on all but the smallest projects.  However, projects taking a purely evolutionary or maintenance approach to development may choose to omit this artifact.
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