Artifact: Release Communications
This artifact provides information to concerned parties that a product (or subset) has been placed into production.
Domains: Deployment
The purpose of this work product is to inform all the various stakeholders that a release to production has taken place and the implemented features are now generally available.
Main Description

Sometimes, depending on the product user base, separate communiques might need to be prepared for each stakeholder group. In that case, this artifact should specify the different groups to which communications are directed, the method of communication (e.g., email, text or pager message, bulletin, newsletter, phone message, etc.). All communiques should be prepared in advance so that it is a matter of disseminating information when the release to production has been determined to be successful.

Also included in this artifact is a listing of the responsible parties who will execute the communications when a successful release has been declared (normally the Deployment Engineer), as well as the timing and dependencies of the communiques.

While there is no prescribed format for the release communications artifact, each communique should indicate the preferred delivery mechanisms (e.g., beeper notification, telephone calls, a posting to an internal release website, live or pre-recorded presentations by senior management, etc.) and generally answer the following questions:

  • Who are the parties (stakeholders) that are interested in knowing that a release to production has taken place?
  • What specifically (features, functions, components) has been placed into production?
  • Why is this release valuable to stakeholders and what business purpose does it serve?
  • Where is the product available (on which platforms, geographical locations, business units, etc.)?
  • How can the stakeholders access the system and under what circumstances?
  • When was the product released (or when will it be released if the release date is in the future)?