Artifact: Test Script
This artifact contains the step-by-step instructions that compose a test, enabling its run. Text scripts can take the form of either documented textual instructions that are manually followed, or computer-readable instructions that enable
automated testing.
Domains: Test

Test scripts implement a subset of required tests in an efficient and effective manner.

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Impact of not havingWithout this artifact, it is difficult to ensure that tests are run consistently so that results are repeatable and errors can be recreated. If you do not use a test script, it is more difficult to verify that errors were not caused because of the way tests were run.
Reasons for not needing

This artifact might not be required if the tests are simple or if testing is done on an informal basis. However, for this approach to be successful, testers must track their processes, as they might need to recreate a problem scenario. Alternatively, you can use automatic capture and playback tools to provide a record of testing.

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