Checklist: Use-Case Model
This checklist provides questions to verify that the use-case model is described in a consistent and complete manner.
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Check Items
It is easy to understand what the system does by reviewing the model
  • Does the use-case model provide a clear, concise overview of the purpose and functionality of the system?
  • Are there no long chains of include relationships, such as when an included use case includes other use cases? These can obscure comprehension.
  • Are included use cases independent of the use cases that include them?
  • If several use cases contain similar subflows, have you investigated whether factoring this common behavior into an included use case will simplify the model?
All use cases have been identified
  • Do the use cases identified collectively account for all required behavior of the system?
  • Have all features identified in the vision document been addressed by at least one use case?
  • Have all nonfunctional requirements that must be satisfied by a specific use case been captured in that use case?
  • Have you verified that the use-case model contains no superfluous behavior (known as "gold-plating")?
  • Is each concrete use case associated with at least one actor, as it should be?
  • Is every actor associated with at least one use case?
The model is consistent
  • Is the system behavior consistent under the same conditions and with the same input?
All relationships between use cases are required
  • Does each included use case make the model easier to understand, implement, and maintain?
  • Is each concrete use case (not an included use case) independent of other use cases?
Use-case packages are used appropriately
  • Have cross-package dependencies been reduced or eliminated to prevent model ownership conflicts
  • Is packaging intuitive? Does the packaging make the model easier to understand and implement?  
All model elements have appropriate names
  • Have you verified that no two use cases have the same name?
  • Does each actor have a name that effectively describes that person's role?
Individual use cases are properly specified
  • Have you reviewed the quality of each use-case specification using the Checklist: Use Case?