Checklist: Test Script
This checklist provides questions to verify that tests are created in a consistent and complete manner.
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Check Items
The test script conforms to the related test case
Ensure that the test script conforms to the specification established in the test case if one is associated with the test script.  The test case captures the intent of the test; the test script must conform to this intent.
The test script is testable
The test script is reusable
Ensure that your test scripts can be reused by designing your test scripts to maximize reuse.  Promoting reuse takes different forms depending on whether you are generating, programming, or recording test scripts.
The test script is prescriptive and unambiguous
Ensure that the test script represents clear instructions on how the test must be run and how the results should be analyzed.  While non-automated tests can be written in such a way that the tester can have leeway in how the test is precisely run, there is no room for creativity in how the test results are to be analyzed for success or failure.
The test script is named consistently with the other test work products
Ensure that the naming of your test scripts is consistent with other test-related work products.  For example, if you are creating test classes for each of your test cases, ensure that the naming represents this relationship.  Alternatively, if you are building test scripts inside of a library, use a consistent naming convention to reflect the library or libraries.
The test script provides appropriate test coverage
Ensure that your test scripts provide test coverage consistent with the system under test.