Role: Deployment Manager
This role is responsible for managing and scheduling synchronized releases across one or more programs and/or product lines.
Role Sets: Deployment

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Main Description

This role could also be called "Deployment Coordinator" or "Deployment Facilitator" because the main responsibility of the Deployment Manager is to coordinate and facilitate the delivery of productized software developed within a program either to the Marketing Department for general availability (GA) or to IT Operations for deployment into the production environment.

Other responsibilities of the Deployment Manager include:

  • Manage a support team that performs most of the day-to-day work
  • Assist the Program Manager and the development team members in planning each release
  • Ensure that the organization's release controls are documented and well understood by development Teams and Program Support Teams
  • Ensure that the architecture and infrastructure on which the application will be deployed are robust and stable
  • Ensure that a detailed deployment plan has been documented along with a backout plan should anything go wrong during deployment
  • Coordinate with the Marketing Department and the program to ensure that sanctioned communications to all stakeholders have been properly prepared and reviewed
  • Ensure the product has been correctly and completely integrated across the program
  • Validate that the product has been correctly packaged before deployment and ensure that all release controls have been satisfied
  • Work with the Marketing Department or IT Operations to deploy the product successfully
  • Release the pre-planned communications about the product to all stakeholders
  • Conduct a release retrospective with all the development team members that participated in the program to improve the release process and increase program productivity and product quality

The person who plays this role should have the following competencies:

  • Strong technical leadership abilities
  • Excellent understanding of product release methodologies (including familiarity with ITIL's Release and Deployment Management process)
  • Strong system integration experience
  • Strong experience planning the development and delivery of complex software products
  • Good understanding of product architecture and infrastructure components
  • Good understanding of the marketing function
  • Political acumen