Overall Practices Library
This page describes general release information for the practices library as a whole. Individual plug-ins and practices may have their own release information.
Main Description

EPF base

Key revisions for this release are:

a. Added practice for Documentation and Training
b. Added practice for Production Release.
c. Incorporated the new practices into the OpenUP delivery process.
d. Incorporated the practice Project Process Tailoring into the OpenUP delivery process.

Other changes include:

a. Deleted redundant copy of activity "Identify and Refine Requirements"
b. Updated "planned flags" in OpenUP delivery process.
c. Structured OpenUP roles into sets.

Minor bug fixes only.

Minor bug fixes only.

Minor bug fixes only.


The key revisions for this release are:

New practice "Project Process Tailoring", in order to provide basic coverage for the Environment discipline.

New practice "Method Development". This practice replaces the "Method Authoring Method" (MAM).  The new practice consolidates and updates authoring guidelines, and integrates the content into the EPF Practices library.

Cleanup of Agile Business Rule Development, so that it publishes properly with the other practices.

Other minor bug fixes. 

Bugzilla 281165 - Renamed practice "two-level project planning" to "release planning".

Bugzilla 285042 - Renamed "software design" and "software implementation" slots to "technical design" and "technical implementation". 

Bugzilla 268148 - Moved build artifact to "core.tech.common".

Many minor bug fixes.


This is the initial release of the practices library, which is included as part of the Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) 1.5.

Most of the open source content is derived from OpenUP 1.0 and was refactored to support independent practices.

These are the key new features in the core:

  • Work product slots to allow practices to be independent of each other.
  • Default navigation view that ad hoc configurations of practices can be published easily with a view.
  • Guidance and work products that are reusable across practices have been moved into common plug-ins.
  • Category, role, and tool definitions separated into separate plug-ins to allow them to be easily removed and replaced by alternative categorizations.