Discipline: Project Management
This discipline explains how to coach, facilitate, and support the team, helping it to deal with risk and obstacles found when building software.
Main Description

The purpose of this discipline is to:  

  • Encourage stakeholder consensus on prioritizing the sequence of work
  • Stimulate team collaboration on creating long-term and short-term plans for the project.
  • Focus the team on continually delivering tested software for stakeholder evaluation
  • Help create an effective working environment to maximize team productivity
  • Keep stakeholders and the team informed of project progress
  • Provide a framework to manage project risk and continually adapt to change

Project Management is an umbrella discipline that impacts, and is impacted by, all other disciplines. Project management activities add value to creating a high-performance work environment where:

  • stakeholders trust in the team's ability to successfully deliver value and understand the capabilities and tradeoffs of the technical platform
  • Project team members understand stakeholder intentions and confirm that understanding by continually producing a working software product for evaluation