Discipline: Development
This discipline explains how to design and implement a technical solution that conforms to the architecture and supports the requirements.
Main Description

The purpose of this discipline is to:

  • Transform the requirements into a design of the system-to-be
  • Adapt the design to match the implementation environment
  • Build the system incrementally
  • Verify that the technical units used to build the system work as specified

With each iteration, the tasks in this discipline will evolve an ever more-capable and ever more-stable build.

When working on the system, developers will both use and be constrained by the architecture.

This discipline is related to the other disciplines in the following ways:

  • The Requirements discipline defines what will be designed and implemented.
  • The Architecture discipline organizes and constrains the design and implementation.
  • The Test discipline validates that the system built meets the requirements.
  • The Project Management discipline plans what functionality will be implemented in each iteration and provides the mechanisms to manage changes to the system.