Guideline: Publishing a Practice
This guideline provides recommendations on how to publish an individual practice.
Main Description

Publishing an individual Practice is a valuable exercise as it allows you to see the practice in its published form, which may result in some refinements. 

Publishing an individual practice involves publishing a method configuration that specifies what practices will be published (the selected practice method plug-ins and packages) and how they will appear in the published method (the navigation views). Such a configuration is usually not delivered to an end-user, but is quite helpful during the development of the practice. It is recommended that the name of the configuration include the name of the practice. For information on defining method configurations, see Guideline: Defining Method Configurations

Once the configuration has been defined it can be published. For general information on publishing a method, see Guideline: Publishing a Method.


Special instructions when authoring in the UMF: When defining configurations in the Unified Method Framework (UMF), you can use the generic navigation view defined in the default navigation view definition plug-in in the UMF core as the navigation view for the test configuration. Usually, that is all that is needed. However, feel free to define additional navigation views, if needed. For more information on how navigation views are implemented in the UMF, see Guideline: Navigation Views in the UMF.

As with all configurations in the UMF, any configuration-specific elements (e.g., navigation views, welcome pages, processes, etc.) need to be define in a separate Publish plug-in for the test configuration and that Publish plug-in must be included in the test configuration. For more information on Publish plug-ins, see Concept: Practice Library Plug-In Types.

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