Guideline: Detailing Practice Elements
This guideline provides recommendations for writing the detailed description of an element that resides in a practice.
Main Description

Detailing a Practice is all about fleshing out the details of the individual practice elements.

All practice detailing work must adhere to the constraints defined for the Practice Framework and for the practice itself.

When detailing any element that physically resides in a practice, do not refer to elements outside of the practice.
Exception: practice elements may refer to Work Product Slots and other core elements.

In addition to the method elements included in a practice (for example, tasks, guidance, and so on), every practice should include the following guidance elements:

  • how-to-adopt roadmap: describess how to adopt the practice
  • practice guidance element

For information on detailing these elements, see Guideline: Detailing Guidance.

This guideline provides practice-specific detailing guidelines. For more information on detailing method elements, see the following:


Special instructions when authoring in the UMF: When detailing the elements in a practice that exists within the Unified Method Framework (UMF), you must take into consider the UMF practice conventions. For more information, see Guideline: Practices in the UMF. When detailing the elements in a practice, you may find that you need to make changes to an element in a Core plug-in. Specifically, you may find that you have content that would be better shared between practices (for example, a common work product, some shared guidance, or a new role) and thus you may need to add a new or refine an existing core element. Alternatively, you may find that if you were to refine an existing Core element that would be able to use it. For more information on the Core plug-ins and what they contain, see Concept: Practice Library Plug-In Types. For information on how to customize core elements, see Guideline: Requesting a Change to the Unified Method Framework

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