Guideline: Release Information in the UMF
This guideline describes how release information is handled in the Unified Method Framework (UMF).
Main Description

In the Unified Method Framework (UMF), every Base and Extend plug-in the must have documented release information. Generally, release information is not captured for Assign plug-ins. For more information on Base and Assign plug-ins, see Concept: Practice Library Plug-In Parts.

The release information is captured in a supporting material element in a separate package in the plug-in. In the Release Information supporting material method element, do not include anything in the Brief description field (there is no suitable shape icon, so we don’t want any heading for these pages). In the Main description field, capture information about what has changed for each released version of the plug-in. Include a separate section for each version, with the most recent version listed first. Set the Node icon to point to the node icon for release notes.

Tag the release information elements with the "release information" tag so that they appear in the release information list when published. 

More Information