Guideline: Practice Configurations in the UMF
This guideline describes how practice configurations are handled in the Unified Method Framework (UMF).
Main Description

In the Unified Method Framework (UMF), each Practice Configuration is represented by the following:

  • (optionally) a Process plug-In that contains the practice configuration's cross-practice process (it is optional because not all practice configurations have processes and because some processes are included in the Publish Base plug-in)
  • A Publish plug-in that contains those elements that are needed to publish the configuration (e.g., a Welcome page, processes, navigation views)
  • A Publishable configuration that selects the above plug-ins, as well as selects the navigation views to be published for the practice configuration

For general information on the plug-in types (e.g., Publish and Process plug-ins) see Concept: Practice Library Plug-In Types. For general information on the Publish configuration, see Concept: Practice Library Configuration Types.

For an example of how practice configurations are implemented in the UMF, see UMF Practice Configuration Example.

More Information