Guideline: Delayed Assignment in the UMF
Delayed assignment means that assignment is done separately from the base definition of the element so it is easy to change.
Main Description

In the Unified Method Framework (UMF), the following are "delayed assigned":

  • Role assignments: Assignment of performing roles to tasks and assignment of role responsibility for work products
  • Work product kind assignments: Assignment of work products to work product kinds
  • Discipline assignments: Assignment of tasks to disciplines
  • Domain assignments: Assignment of work products to domains

For more information on delayed assignment, see Concept: Delayed Assignment.

The delayed assignment of roles, domains, work product kinds and disciplines is implemented is through the use of Assign plug-ins. An Assign plug-in is defined for every Base plug-in that contains work products or tasks. 

Assign plug-ins contain:

  • Role assignments:
    • A role for every role to be assigned responsibility for a work product.  Each role is defined as a contributor to an existing role and adds the necessary "role responsible for work product" associations. 
    • A task for every task to be assigned a performing or a supporting role.  Each task is defined as a contributor to an existing task and adds the necessary "task is is performed by role" associations. 
  • Standard category assignments:
    • A discipline for every discipline that is to have tasks mapped to it.  Each discipline is defined as a contributor to an existing discipline and adds the necessary "discipline includes task" associations. 
    • A domain for every domain that is to have work products mapped to it.  Each domain is defined as a contributor to an existing domain and adds the necessary "domain includes work product" associations.
  • Practice-specific role, role set and standard category definitions. Practice-specific definitions for delayed elements are defined in the Assign plug-in to make them easy to change.

For more information on Base and Assign plug-ins, see Concept: Practice Library Plug-In Parts. For more information on contribution, see Guideline: Using Method Content Variability.

For an example of an Assign plug-in, see UMF Assign Plug-In Example.

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