Guideline: Copyrights in the UMF
This guideline provides some recommendations on how to define and use copyrights in the Unified Method Framewok (UMF).
Main Description

In the Unified Method Framework (UMF), every plug-in must have an associated copyright (and every plug-in can only have one copyright). 

Copyrights are defined in Release Copyright plug-ins. There is one Release Copyright plug-in per licensing level that contains the copyright elements (defined as supporting material guidance elements) for that level. Every plug-in at a particular licensing level needs to be associated with the copyright for that licensing level. Copyrights are associated to plug-ins as part of the plug-in's definition.

If a specific copyright is needed for a specific plug-in, then perform the following to create a specialized copyright:

  1. Define an Extends plug-in for the Release Copyright plug-in at the licensing level of the plug-in requiring the special copyright.
  2. In the Extends plug-in, define a supporting material guidance element that extends the copyright element for that licensing level. This results in a new copyright element that looks just like the original copyright element that was extended. 
  3. Also in the Extends plug-in, define a supporting material guidance element that contributes to the extending copyright element and add whatever special copyright information is needed. Now you have a specialized copyright that includes the appropriate copyright information for the licensing level plus the special copyright information. 
    Note: The extending element and the contributing element are both needed. If you add the specialized copyright information to the extending element, then that information would override the text in the original base, and in this case, that is not what we want (we want to add the specialized copyright information to the general licensing level copyright information). By using the extend-contributes pair, you can create a new element that includes the same content as an existing element plus more. For more information on method content variability, see Guideline: Using Method Content Variability.
  4. Associate the specialized copyright to the plug-ins (or individual method elements) that need it (copyrights associated with a plug-in are automatically associated with all elements in the plug-in).

For more information on Release Copyright plug-ins, see Concept: Practice Library Plug-In Types. For more information on Extend plug-ins, Concept: Practice Library Plug-In Parts.

For an example of how copyrights are implemented in the UMF, see UMF Release Copyright Example.

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