Artifact: Rule Life Cycle
Domains: Rule Governance
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Main Description

In the state diagram below the following abbreviations are used:

· Rule Writer or Rule Author is the end user of the BRMS application

· Rule Admin is an administrator of the rule set.

· Rule Tester can be an automatic process or a human.

Some complementary guidelines:

· When a rule is created its status is new

· A rule once promoted could not be deleted.

· A rule can be set active or inactive at any state, by using the inactive property

· From this life cycle it is important to note that once a rule is promoted the user could not update it. He needs to create a new rule by copy and paste and restart the life cycle up to Validated. Once the rule is ready for deployment a rule administrator will retired the first rule and promote the new one. This is important to follow this process to maintain the integrity of the rule set.

There is a common requirement that may need to be supported to enhance the rule life cycle: "During its life cycle a rule can be deployed only to a specific Test Decision Service, before going to production".