Artifact: Rule Discovery Workshop Itinerary
Domains: Rule Discovery
Use the following itinerary to invite the rule discovery actors for the workshop sessions.
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Main Description

Goal: These series of Rule discovery workshops are very important for the <> application, it will help:

· To separate a rule as a manageable artifact

· To trace rules from the origin to deployment

· To link rules to business context

· To develop the rule description using business term and natural business language.

· To involve business user in the future ownership of the rules

· To prepare for for the logical data model

· To prepare the for the rule set implementation

Duration: 2 hours per session

Facilities: white board, pencil, paper; post it, UML tool like Enterprise Architect, ISIS rule templates


· To formalize the rules using templates and business term and language understood by the business user

· To prepare the tests for the rules

· To define the object model for the rule

· Define the different types of rules, rule writing standards, structure rules

· Address the rule management requirements around rule ownership, and rule change requirements

Output: rule set definition, logical data model




Business Analyst

Rule analyst


Rule writer

Lead developer


Pre-requisites: Decision point table, rule discovery roadmap, conceptual data model