Artifact: Decision Point Table
Domains: Rule Discovery
Main Description

Groups together all potential rules that determine one decision. It can be found in a use case description or in a Business Process Map task description. Presented in table format the project team can use the following template:

Decision Point  Name


Source for Rule Discovery

Current State of Automation

Rule Owner -


The name should be explicit and without any ambiguity. It helps to link back to the business process or use case step. An example may be "claim data review", or "loan eligibility"...

The source for rule discovery describes the main sources of rule harvesting like human, code, database, book, policies, legal manual...

The current state of automation is optional and just list if for this given decision point we can have tools which can migrate the business rules from one format to another. 

The last column can be useful to define who will be the owner of the rule set(s) supporting the decision point. He/She will be an important actor of the rule discovery.