Artifact: Conceptual Data Model
Domains: Rule Discovery
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Main Description

A conceptual data model describes the things important for an organization as entity classes and characteristics of the things as attributes, and using associations between things. By 'thing' we mean anything perceivable or conceivable and used in a day to day conversation.

Conceptual data model is used to explore domain concepts as a communication vehicle between the analysts and the business team members.

With an Agile approach CDMs are used to explore the high-level static business structures and concepts, and are described during the initial requirements iterations. In our approach conceptual data model are the first version of the logical data model. So we use different level of a class diagram to represent the CDM.  The rule elicitation phase is most of the time leveraging the diagrams of the CDMs, but once we progress into the iterations the CDMs are replaced by the LDMs.