Artifact: Business Terms Glossary
Log in one document the terms and their definition as used by the business user
Domains: Rule Discovery
Get agreement on "standard" or internal definition of terms.
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Main Description

One of the positive feedbacks received from the business and IT team is the business term glossary document. Some organization has already defined this kind of glossary, and even it is possible to use some industry standard. But standard are always adapted by the organization so it is important to work on such glossary during the early phase of the project.

The following template can be used for logging the business vocabulary. The acronyms are not mandatory. The ownership column describes when a term is under the responsibility of a team.





Impact of not havingThis will be more difficult to develop a common BOM later on. And it may lead to the misunderstanding of some business rules and policies.
Reasons for not needingThe company is using an industry standard for the business terms. In this last case the standard should be provided to the rule team.
Representation OptionsThis is a word document.