Task: Synchronize Data Models
Ensure the terms and entities used in the rule march element in the different date models used by the IT components
Disciplines: Rule Analysis
RolesPrimary Performer: Additional Performers:
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      Main Description

      The rule analyst needs to continuously verify that business terms used in rule statements are part of the logical data model (classes/ attributes) and physical data model (PDM). The model exposed to the rule needs to get data from data sources. If a concept is not in the data it has to be quickly handled and managed by the application architect.

      The rule analyst should be in continuous communication with the data model developer, responsible to develop the XML schema or java model (or .Net), and the physical mapping to database.

      Part of most of the business application are the list of code, enumerated date or domain values. It is important to well design how those data are defined, accessed by the application, and the rule authoring environment.

      It can be helpful for some major business term to define a mapping to a class-attribute, and if the BRMS supports this function it is recommended to detail the "verbalization" of the business term.

      Business Term

      OO mapping




      The loan to value ratio