Task: Organize Workshop
In case of human source for the rule the team needs to organize elicitation workshops
Disciplines: Rule Discovery
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      Main Description

      To make the better use of the development and business team's time it is important to plan in advance the workshop sessions and to clearly state what is in the agenda. We recommend organizing the day in two parts:

      • Do morning discovery workshop using elicitation techniques with the project stakeholders and subject matter expert. During the rule harvesting phase the analyst team may want to use the rule template document to enter the rule description and use some simple diagramming techniques to define the business entities (A good tool is the UML class diagram but without the details of the methods)
      • Second part of the day is used by the analyst and development team to perform analysis activities and later on to author the rules.

      As explained in Cycle Approach to Rules Development the discovery workshops are in phase 1, 2, and 3, but with different frequency of occurrence. Phase 1 and 2, the workshops can be set every morning, but starting on phase 3 it could happen every two days or more (but never more than a week to keep the focus and efficiency in the process).

      The team should verify to have access to a dedicated meeting room with white boards, pencils, paper; post it, and potentially a UML tool to quickly develop diagrams..

      Select a decision point
      Set the agenda
      Name a moderator

      To organize the session the project team may need to name a moderator responsible of managing the meeting and keeping the team on track. His other roles are:

      • Establish professional and objective tone to the meeting.
      • Start and stop the meeting on time.
      • Establish and enforce the "rules" for the meeting.
      • Introduce the goals and agenda for the meeting.
      • Facilitate a process of decision and consensus making, but avoid participating in the content.
      • Make certain that all stakeholders participate and have their input heard.
      • Control disruptive or unproductive behavior.
      • Gather "Open Points" and follow up actions between sessions (use a simple Excel sheet for instance or "Meeting Minutes" template document.
      Define the rules of execution of each workshop session
      Send invite
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