Task: Get Rule Set Reports
Disciplines: Rule Validation
Get different rule report to analyze the conformance to the expected results
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    Main Description

    There are multiple type of reports the rule team can analyze:

    • The query report to list the rules part of the rule set, rule flow, package, activate or not.
    • Static analysis of conflict resolution
    • rules execution report

    Static rule analysis is a mechanism for checking whether the rules are semantically consistent. Inconsistencies can be found either in a single rule or in a set of rules.

    For single rule the analysis will list the rule that never apply, when the conditions of the rule can never be met. This could happen when there is mis-used of and/or operator in combined conditions, or if the values in the conditions are not in the possible allowable values for a given attribute.

    Evaluating rule inconsistency in a rule set leads to discover

    • Equivalent rules: rules with same conditions and actions.