Task: Define Rule Life Cycle
Disciplines: Rule Governance
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    Main Description

    A rule architect has to develop with the business users what will be the rule life cycle. There are a lot of different possibilities for defining this rule life cycle. For the implementation point of view we need to define a "Status" meta property attached to a rule element. The following states have been identified as a simple but still efficient life cycle:

    ·               New: the rule is created, and can be modified by its owner

    ·               Defined: the rule has been defined and is currently in unit test

    ·               Rejected: the rule has been tested un-successfully

    ·               Validated: the rule has been tested successfully and can be deployed

    ·               Promoted: the rule has been part of a rule set deployed on production platform

    ·               Retired: the rule was deployed or validated on a production platform but no more active.

    In the state diagram below the following abbreviations are used:

    • Rule Writer or Rule Author is the end user of the BRMS application
    • Rule Admin is an administrator of the rule set.
    • Rule Tester can be an automatic process or a human.