Practice: Agile Business Rule Development
Main Description

EPF base


Updates and bug fixes.


  • Fixed issues, and completed validation steps 
  • Synchronized with EPF 1.5
  • Added decision point discovery
  • Added link to BPMN
  • Added business process analyst role


  • Added Discover Decision Points task
  • Integrated OpenUp and ABRD processes


This is the first version of this "publish" plug-in, included as part of the EPF 1.5 practices library.  It is derived primarily from ABRD 0.4 Content.

  • Design discipline
  • Rule Governance activities and discipline


  • Migrated to EPF 1.5 library and content and composer as two separate plugins
  • Fixed some Discovery content
  • Completed Analysis content. Added OWL-RDF and SBVR descriptions.
  • Created a Design content to include activities more related to the rule set design than analysis tasks
  • Added JSR94 to architecture
  • Modified architecture content, and add web service design guidelines
  • Completed the architecture task description   

Legal Statement

See Eclipse Intellectual Property Notices.

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Note 2: Some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x and Netscape Navigator 4.x may not be able to display all pages of Agile Business Rule Development content.

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