Guideline: Different Rule Discovery Types
This guideline presents the different types of possible discovery analysis starting point according to the type methodology used.
Main Description

The following table is giving the different possible starting points for the discovery activity.


Analysis techniques used - starting point Description
Business Events Start with the business events listed in the inception artifacts.
Each business event is processed by a set of activities that can be described in document or business process
Use when the organization does not utilize use cases.
Use Case Analyze Use case description to find decision points and then rules
Preferred approach, used by team used to develop use cases, or Agile user stories.
Business process / Workflow Evaluate individual process steps and tasks to define the decision behind each activity and then the rules.
Used when the organization utilizes process decomposition for the requirements gathering and analysis phase
Data Analysis Used in case of data change oriented rules project
Starts with the logical data model and how evaluate how entities are created
Mission Policies Based on a top-down rules and business policies approach
Rules sources are high level manager, decision makers
Part of a business process reengineering effort