Guideline: Rule Management Team Mission
Main Description

The mission and objectives of this group could be:

  • Mission: Support the specification, organization, authoring, quality of the business rules to benefit the company business goals.
  • Objectives:
    • To ensure the consistency of business rules across departments, functions, geographies and applications
    • To identify application with business rule needs
    • To maintain methodology for rule set development including discovery, analysis, authoring, testing, validation and deployment.
    • To maintain traceability from business context, business policies to the executable business rules
    • To support impact analysis for changing business rules.
  • Activities
    • Identify business rules: participate in project development to assist policy manager to identify existing rules for reuse, to guide them using the methodology, to extract the business rules...
    • Support rule set change and deployment processes
    • Classify the business rules (group, categories, rule set, rule services) for a business and technical perspectives.
    • Establish traceability of rules from the business motivation to the implemented rules to be able to do impact analysis when a business rules changes.
    • Maintain a common business vocabulary
    • Document business rules, rule set, rule services
    • Verify the validity of the rules to ensure they still meet business needs.
    • Coordinate the improvement of the business rules and the governance processes.