Guideline: Organise Rule Discovery Workshop
Main Description

To organize the workshop the project manager has to set a strict agenda inviting all the domain experts who will help to formalize the rules. Gather the needed documents and explain how the meeting will be managed.

Specify in the agenda:

  • Which decision point under scope
  • Which documents to use
    • Which rule template to use
    • Glossary of term document
    • Business process map or use case documents
    • Business entities diagram or logical data model
  • The meeting room and the schedule
  • The name of the moderator
  • The high level rules to follow during the meeting like:
    • Be on time: you will have one joker for one time late. A fee of 5$ will be taken after that for a conclusion party
    • On each session all the members should participate
    • We will use brainstorming techniques
    • The moderator is controlling the time
    • Everyone can have his own opinion
    • No criticism

The session should be between 09.00hr - 11.00hr, no more than 2hrs. This can be schedule for 2 to 5 consecutive days or more.