Practice: Method Development
This practice describes a method to develop method content.
Authoring a method is all about taking the time to capture what you do and how you do it so that the same process can be performed in a consistent way by everyone involved. This practice provides an architecture-centric, quality-oriented and practice-based approach to method authoring. It provides guidelines for authoring methods that are intended to exist within the Rational Method Composer practice library.
How to read this practice

The best way to read this practice is to first familiarize yourself with its overall structure - what is in it and how it is organized. 

The best place to start is with the Key Concepts for the practice - those concepts that are critical to understand in order to adopt the practice. Once you understand the key concepts, you can turn your attention to the Work Products produced by the practice.  Then you can review the practices Tasks. From the work products and the tasks, you can access applicable guidance - guidelines and tool mentors associated with each task provide details of how to perform the task. Templates and checklists associated with the work products guide you in their completion and evaluation. You can also access the guidance provided by the practice directly by using the Guidance folder.

Levels of Adoption
Additional Information
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