Role: Subject Matter Expert
The Subject Matter Expert (SME) is responsible for defining the business processes, the business policies and the application requirements. He leads the business rules acquisition activities as a domain expert and uses the Rules Management Application as reviewer.
Role Sets: Business Rules Development
Main Description

The SME has the following responsibilities:

  • Support the definition of business processes
  • Determine and support the implementation of a business policy, generally by providing the following:
    • the contents for the business rules that enforce the policy;
    • the process contexts in which the rules are applied.
  • Oversee the execution of that policy via business rules applied. Such oversight includes confirming that the implemented rules fully and faithfully correspond to the intended policy.
  • Once Rule Writers have created the first set of rules, the SME reviews the rules, and the rule flow to give feedbacks on the logic and pattern used.
  • Review the results of testing and simulation
  • Manage business vocabulary
  • Resolve business issues relating to business rule execution.
  • Be accountable for the quality of the business rule
  • Approve major changes to business rule

In term of skill and competencies, the Subject matter Expert has a strong business knowledge and experience, some management skill, effective communication, leadership, decision making skills.

Key Considerations
In ABRD the SME is not responsible as a primary owner, of any task. He is more a source of knowledge to transfer into the rule base system.