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19:27 01 Feb 2017 - Test Case in OpenUP

There seems to be no "output from" property for the "test case" artifact.  There should a task responsible for outputting the "test case", right?

14:44 18 Jun 2016 - Requirements in OpenUP

I would like to learn more . Thanks!

22:54 08 Feb 2016 - Product Backlog in Scrum

  1. Test 1
  2. Test 2
  3. Test 3
  4. Test 4

17:52 05 Nov 2015 - Unified Method Framework (UMF) in Method Authoring Method

Hello Friends ;

can anyone explane to me the UMF compare ,
thanks .

22:47 14 Jun 2015 - Introduction to OpenUP in OpenUP

I'm in my first year in college in computer engineering and we learned this, and actually did a project with this development structure, so i guess yes, this is used.

13:43 14 Feb 2015 - Introduction to OpenUP in OpenUP

I came across OpenUP and EPF about a week ago and am considering it as a potential solution for my organization's lack of development discipline.

Yet, I am wondering if this whole OpenUP tool is really "production ready" or if it is just an old pet project of some creative analytical thinkers; or worse, if it is actually dead.

As one measure, I notice that the OpenUp main page (http://epf.eclipse.org/wikis/openup/index.htm) has been in "checked out" status for the last 1.5 years by Michael Yang.

If this is a live project why is a checkout allowed to last that long without being cancelled by an administrator?

On a separate note, is this tool (and the delivery process it embodies) actually being used in any active organizational development environments?


11:01 25 Nov 2014 - Scrum Overview in Scrum

It seems to me that both terms should be avoided, as they both seem to come from the "old way" (scrumspeak) of doing things.  Scrum vocabulary uses "Potentially Shippable Product."  In my experience, organizations that have not achieved a continuous integration type of maturity may employ a "Release Scrum" to clean up loose ends and move to an actual release, but this is not a valid end-state for scrum.

02:08 20 Nov 2014 - Scrum Overview in Scrum

Hello Friends,

Can any one clarify me whether Sprint release and Release Sprint would be the same ??

If No, please brief me on this





21:30 12 Oct 2014 - Iteration Burndown in OpenUP

What are different element of performance Analysis?


21:28 12 Oct 2014 - Iteration Burndown in OpenUP

how can i check performance Analysis in OpenUP?

09:08 16 Jun 2014 - Develop Solution Increment in OpenUP

Should this be interpreted so that the activity appears twice because "develop solution increment" happens in two different contexts: One is development of the solution, the other development of the architecture (with the activity being the same, since the architecture can be considered a solution within the solution)?

08:47 11 Mar 2014 - Getting Started in OpenUP

I'm studying the Unified Process and learning how to use the EPC/RMC.

Could you point me to  any examples of projects modeled using UP
- real or somewhat simplified examples of projects.

Thank you very much.

09:52 19 Nov 2013 - Scrum Overview in Scrum PT


06:21 08 Oct 2013 - Work Products in OpenUP

mahak software

03:55 30 Sep 2013 - Develop Product Documentation in OpenUP

Users often forget the business rules and logic inside complex business software, so it does really help to document this. This doubles as a training tool to orient new users.

Try to spend your time documenting vague, hidden, or complex features of the software, like showing some possible ranges of input for a text box rather than bore the reader with stuff they can probably figure out for themselves.

Mobile apps by nature have simple GUI's so hopefully they are designed to need little documentation for users to start using them, or in other words the GUI should be designed in a way that orients the user to the available functionality and promotes a clear sequence of steps for them to perform their task.